Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Weird Way to Sell Things on eBay

This eBay user decided that this blonde mannequin would do a great job of selling his products online but I’m not sure if this is genius or just bizarre. Need a solar power inverter? Cool! eBay user latrobeatmistral cheerfully invites you to take it from the deathly clutches of this creepy mannequin.

You see! This could be you with your Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, drumming your cold, plastic fingers on the box with a vacant expression on your face that has clearly never owned a soul.
"If I could only find a way to unplug humans.".
Now he has put his darling mannequin astride what appears to be a death machine he wishes to sell you.
This backhoe is a great tool for digging your grave!.
Look at her go! Buy this backhoe or say goodbye to your loved ones!.
The mannequin hopes that through biodegradation your body will eventually be transferred into energy for the Earth, just like the fine products latrobeatmistral is selling do with waves and the sun.


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