Thursday, July 17, 2014

Things You Didn't Know About The State Of Texas (13 pics)

Texas is like its own little world.

 Texas has enough crude oil reserves to fill up almost 1459 Empire State Buildings.

 Texas has 9.614 billion barrels of crude oil reserves, which is 403.788 billion gallons. This is 31.5% of the U.S.' reserves. The Empire State Building's volume is 37 million cubic feet, which is 276,779,000 gallons.

If Texas were its own country, it would have the 13th highest GDP in the World. Texas' gross domestic product is $1.43 trillion.It has a larger GDP than Spain (13th with $1.34 trillion), South Korea (14th with $1.304 trillion), and Mexico (15th with $1.26 trillion).Even crazier, Texas' GDP is 2/3 of Russia's GDP (8th with $2.096 trillion)
There are enough registered machine guns in Texas to arm every undergraduate enrolled at UCLA. There are 28,690 registered machine guns in Texas. There were 28,674 enrolled undergraduates at UCLA in the Fall 2013 semester.
Since 1963, 33% of U.S. presidents have been from Texas. There have been 43 U.S. presidents. Three of them — Lyndon B. Johnson, George Bush, George W. Bush — hail from Texas.
Texas' largest wind farm is about 4.5 times the size of Manhattan. Texas is considered to be the leader in wind energy in the U.S. — Roscoe Wind Farm. It has a 781-megawatt capacity and it can power 230,000 homes.
Texas' total area is twice the size of Germany. Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States with an area of 268,820 square miles. This is 7.4% of the total U.S.Germany's area is 137,847 square miles.
There's a high school football stadium that cost 1,176 times as much as the U.S. median household income... and now it's going to close. The stadium cost $60 million and has been deemed unsafe. The median household income in 2012 according to the Census was $51,017.
There are 1.65 million undocumented immigrants in Texas. That's more than the entire population of Philadelphia. People living in Texas illegally make up 6.7% of the population, and 9% of the workforce. The population of Philadelphia is 1,553,165. It is the fifth most populated city in the U.S.
The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. The King Ranch, "the birthplace of Texas ranching," is 825,000 acres, which is 1289.06 square miles. Rhode Island is 1,212 square miles.
The total weight of catfish consumed in Texas annually is more than the weight of 6.5 Eiffel Towers. Texans consume 109 million pounds of catfish per year. The Eiffel Tower weighs 7300 tons.
There are more obese adults in Texas than there are people in Minnesota. In Texas, 65.9% of adults are overweight and 31.0% of adults are obese. The estimated population of adults in Texas is 18,279,737. That means approximately 12,046,230 people are overweight and 5,666,663 people are obese in Texas. Ohio is the seventh most populated state with a population of 11,570,808. Minnesota is the 21st most populated state with a population of 5,420,380.
In Texas, 41.4% of the voters — roughly the population of Connecticut — voted for Obama in 2012. Texas is often portrayed as super Republican by the media. However, 41.4% of the voters voted for Obama in 2012. That's 3,294,440 million people. The population of Connecticut is approximately 3,596,080.
The oldest tree in Texas existed about 500 years before the First Crusade. The oldest tree in Texas is estimated to be 1,500 years old — although some believe it might be even as old as 2,000. The First Crusade happened in 1096.


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