Friday, November 1, 2013

Proof That Real Love Triumphs Over Anything (23 pics)

Ian and Larissa Murphy were college sweethearts who knew they were destined to be together forever from the day that they met. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have predicted the major obstacle that would stand in their way.

The couple met in college in 2005 and immediately planned to get married once they graduated in 2006. In a cruel twist of fate, 10 months into their relationship, Ian was in a car accident that left him partially brain damaged. Larissa stood by Ian’s side and continued to date him despite the fact that he could no longer even talk to her.
She moved in with his family and nursed him back to physical health. Sadly, Ian suffered permanent brain damage from his accident and lost all ability to make his own decisions. Larissa, did not let this stand in her way and she was still determined to marry Ian as originally planned. When Ian was physically better, she got a judge to approve their marriage meaning that she could finally marry the man of her dreams. Although Ian will never fully recover, the couple are still as much in love as ever.


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