Sunday, July 7, 2013

8 Strangest Giveaways

1.Free Funeral Giveaway. Now that's one giveaway to die for!

2.Buy her a Diamond, Get a Free Hunting Rifle. As in: Marry me or die!

3.Free "Air Guitar". Cheapest Giveaway ever.

4.Free Sandwich. Really? Well.. with or without bacon?

5.10,000 Vibrators. 10,000 vibrators were given away in New York City in 2012, as a promotion for "Trojan Vibrations".

6.Free Erotic Book for Children. Good thing thse little ones can't read. In 2009, an erotic novel.

7.Free Handgun with every Car. In 2008, Max Motors from Missouri, USA, was offering a free handgun with every vehicle sold. Dealership owner Mark Muller says sales have quadrupled since the start of the offer.

8.Free Gun with every Satellite Dish. The car giveaway was way too expensive? Customers who buy a Dish Network at this Hamilton, Montana's RadioShack, will be rewarded with a firearm as well.


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