Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Most Brazen Impostors

1.Fredrick Bourdin – 23-Year-Old French Algerian Poses as a Missing 16-Year-Old American.
2.“Emperor” Norton – Claimed to be Emperor of the United States.
3.Christopher Rocancourt – Fake Rockefeller Married a Playboy Model, Duped the Rich.
4.Frank William Abagnale – Famous Confidence Man Who Inspired a Movie and a Broadway Show.
5.Casanova de Seingalt – Lover, Scoundrel, Impostor.
6.Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter – Murderer Who Also Claims to be a Rockefeller.
7.Wilson Raj Perumal - Created an Entire Fake Football Team.
8.Mathurin Bruneau – Pretended to be the Son of Louis XVI.
9.Jean-Claude Romand Pretended to Be a Doctor, then Murdered His Family.


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