Saturday, May 25, 2013

12 Cool Pieces of Latte Art

1.Forget about the plain old latte art. Japanese latte artist Nowtoo Sugi uses syrup to add vibrant colors to his coffees.
2.Goldie Hawn in latte.
3.Aki Tokuhara's interpretation of a Flower Garden etched in a Matcha Latte; pretty cool!
5.Meet Kazuki Yamamoto. He's a latte artist. You've probably seen the work of latte artists before, observing how they can draw things like hearts or leaves in steamed milk.
6.Now, Kazuki Yamamoto is doing his latte art in 3D. He has made a name for himself on Twitter, where more than 90k followers receive daily tweets with images of his latest creations.
7.Latte art showoff.
8.Amazingly detailed latte art from Russia.
9.A masterpiece in a mug.
10.Latte art can also be used to display text.
11.… and deliver very important messages.


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